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Please Supporting Tenn. Tech. students in their fundraising efforts for our trip to Spain!


My name is Maribel Soto, I am a Spanish teacher at Alliance Tennenbaum Family Technology High School. Tenn. Tech. is located in Los Angeles, California, specifically in Glassell Park. Our students are predominantly Latino and 79% of our students receive free or reduced lunch. Our working-class community is dedicated to developing college and career-readiness through high-expectations and building students as leaders.

I have the privilege of working with my students through Teach for America; I finished my second year teaching at Tenn. Tech. and I cannot express the feeling of pride and joy I feel for my students. My goal is to facilitate as many growing experiences for my students to grow as leaders and role models in their community. Through their travel experiences, they can apply their skills with a diverse population and further develop their interpretative skills with first-hand experiences. My students know education is an avenue for them to expand their leadership and their trip to Spain and experiences in a different culture, language, and geography is a way students can build their global awareness and leadership.

One limitation to make this trip to Spain is the cost of the trip; however, financial assistance from anyone willing to support the educational journey of Tenn. Tech students can make a difference. The financial support will help students to pay their monthly installments for the trip. In order to minimize financial obstacles, we ask for your generosity in contributing to this fund. Many of my students have never traveled outside of Los Angeles, so this educational trip will create long-lasting memories in addition to developing their Spanish skills in Spain.

A life-changing experience in this trip to Spain awaits Tenn. Tech. students. Their experiences in Spain will allow them to make personal and academic connections that will help them further develop their skills in Spanish, especially since they will be exposed to the diversity within the Spanish language in Spain.

Please consider supporting Tenn. Tech. students in their fundraising efforts for our trip in January 2016. Thank you for your time!


Maribel Soto

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